NZTwork: Net Zero Token Network

The Global Solution to Net Zero Decarbonization – NZTwork is developing a crypto token, to help people with rising energy costs, save energy, and print carbon credits, through an IoT-enabled decentralized environmental Data network.

The Global Solution to Net Zero Decarbonization: NZTwork has a 2 token model of $NZT and $CCT which form the basis of NZTwork ecosystem

Net Zero Token ($NZT Governance Token)

NZTwork is a decentralized IoT blockchain that collects environmental smart data from data miners in real-time, which is stored on a decentralized edge server network with integrated storage. All data can be extracted via the NZTwork DEX Marketplace in exchange for $NZT (utility token on NZTwork).

All miners and gateways will be rewarded in $NZT for generating data and maintaining the decentralized network via our rewards model (with every 2 years a reward halving event). Hardware device adoption will be encouraged by rewarding early adopters more.

Carbon Credits Token ($CCT Stablecoin)

NZTwork will solve the high transaction costs (from source to market) & unknown quality of traded carbon credits with $CCT. Carbon credits markets have been plagued with fraud, corruption and inefficiencies that will be solved by creating the first and only solution to both generate and trade carbon credits from cradle-to-grave!

Real-time carbon credits are generated based on NZTwork user energy savings and placed on the blockchain acting as “stable coin” pegged to a basket of global carbon credits markets. - $NZT "Net Zero Token" Network