NZTwork Organizational Structure

The NZT Organizational Structure is split into 4 main entities: NZT Foundation, NZT DAO, and the parent organization NZT Labs, where the NZT Hardware Foundry also falls under

WIthin NZTwork the organizations will be split into Non-Profit and For-Profit entities

Non-Profit Entities: NZT Foundation & NZT DAO

The NZT Foundation

Runs the backbone side of the project, so all the elements are set up correctly and ensure partnerships are developed as well as project infrastructural integrity.



Runs the entire decentralized part of the $NZT and $CCT tokens after they have been set up by the foundation so it can run independently and autonomously.

For-Profit Entities: NZT Hardware Foundry & parent organization NZT Labs

The NZT Hardware Foundry 

Is the hardware manufacturer for NZTwork and handles the entire process from sales to production and distribution of all the hardware used with NZTwork. All patents & designs are licensed from Conectric Networks.


NZT Labs

Is the for-profit parent organization that owns all the intellectual property, which it will license to NZTwork Foundation to use open source. It also owns tokens in NZTwork and will incubate all new projects and products within the NZT ecosystem, which includes a service layer organization to be a fiat onramp for corporations. - $NZT "Net Zero Token" Network