Carbon Credits Token ($CCT) Minting on NZTwork

Carbon Credits Token ($CCT) is the first real-time carbon offsetting platform for the blockchain ecosystem, that can be acquired via decentralized exchanges (DEX) and allow crypto projects & real-word corporations to go Net Zero! The value of 1 $CCT = 1 ton of carbon avoided. It is convertible from kWh or BTU measured using NZTwork sensors.

Voluntary carbon credits value around $10/ton & Certified compliance credits value around $100+/ton. $CCT will command the highest value as the only directly measured credit

Unique Carbon Reduction Incentives

Participants are incentivized by an increase in the value of $CCT Carbon Credit Tokens (carbon credits are estimated to increase up to 30x value over the next 5 years) or $NZT.

This provides strong economic reasons to participate and save more! The initial target will be to sell credits to blockchain ecosystem projects, which want to go “net-zero” and can pay for $CCT in crypto tokens. $CCT will also be sold through compliance markets.

Value of $CCT Carbon Credit Stablecoin

The $CCT carbon credit is highly differentiated from other existing carbon credits as it is “mined” directly from the attributable source.

The minting of a $CCT carbon credit is based on actual, real-time measurement, using an energy regulator and utility-approved “metered savings” software. $CCT carbon credit crypto tokens can be earned or split fractionally, making them easy to earn and trade.


We are looking for partners that can help further develop our ecosystem. Please contact us by sending us an email:

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