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EcoShuMi Foundation joins NZTwork as Humanitarian Innovations Advisor

EcoShuMi Foundation joins the Net Zero Token Network (NZTwork) as Humanitarian Innovations Advisor to Accelerate the Regenerative Economy Vision








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EcoShuMi Foundation joins the Net Zero Token Network (NZTwork) as Humanitarian Innovations Advisor to Accelerate the Regenerative Economy Vision

Amsterdam, Netherlands

February 7th, 2023

EcoShuMi Foundation will have a core focus advising and helping the NZTwork core team expand on the company’s strategy and work to promote a global regenerative economy where all people and businesses participate and earn rewards for contributing to a clean and equitable planet. The partnership kicked off at the Green Accelerator event held at the World Economic Forum in Davos January 19th.


EcoShuMi Foundation is committed to a free world by supporting game changers’ ideas like NZTwork and will support enhancing the visibility and reach of the NZTwork to achieve our mutual goals for a better Earth.

EcoShuMi Director Kamil Grund will be assisting the team expand resources, new hires, strategic alliances and community access to build awareness.


Kamil Grund decided to support NZTwork because he believes in the missions to change world by reducing energy consumption, replacing it with more ecological ones, and encouraging all people to do so, generating a profit for them, an ideal system.


Kamil Grund said, “I am very excited about joining a team of recognized experts in their fields to spread the mission of a better world for all..”


Nicolas Waern added, “Kamil and EcoShuMi brings amazing international contacts in many fields, the opportunity to open many doors to find the right socially responsible partners, investors, and corporate and government clients.


I’m excited to welcome Kamil to the NZTwork community and look forward to the next chapter of success with his guidance and support.”


About NZTwork

The Net Zero Token Network (NZTwork) allows all consumers and businesses to join the global regenerative economy and the race to Net Zero, by earning token rewards for producing solar energy or reducing carbon footprint. Visit the NZTwork website at www.nztwork.com

About EcoShuMi Foundation

EcoShuMi  where Above All Differences, nationalities, religions by Innovation and Innovation Humanitarian Actions Make World A Better Place For All.  Visit the EcoShuMi website at www.ecoshumi.com


We are looking for partners that can help further develop our ecosystem. Please contact us by sending us an email: interest@nztwork.com

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