The Current Climate Problems

Carbon footprint hinges on two key factors: data availability and data accuracy. Neither of which exist today.

The Globally Scalable, Incentives based Solution to Net Zero Decarbonization

100% decentralized blockchain based DAO, with indoor IoT data collection and edge-based storage network

Team Members

The NZTwork team consists of industry leading digitalization, IoT & wireless hardware, digital marketing, industrial manufacturing & IoT Blockchain experts that will create the NZT Network.

An experienced team that will create a decentralized hyper network of real-time environmental sensor data collection on blockchain.

Nicolas Waern

CEO & Digitalization Expert

Phillip Kopp

CTO & IoT & Wireless HW expert

``X`` Xuezhi Hu

CMO & Digital Marketing and Crypto expert

Nicholas Lee

IoT & Industrial Manufacturing Expert

Vince Broyles

Advisor & IoT Blockchain Tech Sales Expert

Corban Lester

Advisor & Energy Program Manager

Giorgi Kurtsikidze

Legal Expert

J.R. Choi

Logistics Industry Advisor

Alex Ryu

Software Scaling Advisor

Seth Horn, CPA

Infrastructure and Carbon Market Banking Advisor

William Fay

Public Media and Marketing Advisor

Christine Uri

Corporate Sustainability Advisor

Peter Kelly-Detwiler

Energy Markets Advisor

Gregory Griffiths

Digital Innovation Ecosystem Advisor

Vishal Shah

XR (AR/VR) and Metaverse Advisor
Token Sale
$NZT – Net Zero Token – Fundraising Valuation //

Fundraising & Token Distribution

We will raise $17.5M in token pre-sales to finish product and launch $NZTwork and we will…

  • Generate data that is valuable to industry such as utilities, ESG, healthcare, insurance and smart cities.
  • Create algorithms, certified carbon credits, near real-time data collection and 2-way AI enabled automation
  • Create user incentives and mining rewards to rapidly populate hyper-scale network coverage and data production
  • Create behavioral reductions, reducing CO2 emissions, generating carbon credits
  • Create first decentralized Edge data storage network with IoT blockchain

  • Symbol


  • Total Supply

    1,000,000,000 $NZT


Supporter Allocations

200,000,000 tokens

Ecosystem and Rewards

500,000,000 tokens


20,000,000 tokens


50,000,000 tokens

Exchange Liquidity

80,000,000 tokens

Team and Advisors

150,000,000 tokens
Supporter Allocations – Total 20% of supply (distributed over gradual unlock periods)
  • Angel & Seed Supporter

    7% of supply

  • Strategic Supporters

    7% of supply

  • Private Supporters

    5.5% of supply

  • Public Sale Supporters

    0.5% of supply

Ecosystem and Rewards – Total 50% of supply (mined over 50 year period with every 2 years a token halving event)
  • Network Pool (mined)

    15% of supply

  • Miner Pool (mined)

    25% of supply

  • Developer Pool (mined)

    10% of supply

Token Sale
Token SaleToken Sale
Net Zero Token Roadmap //

$NZT Roadmap

How we will develop our network from funding rounds to launch and global coverage of our hardware units so that participants can contribute to decarbonize the world & to the global net zero targets

July 2022

First funding rounds

PoC + Engineering Hardware (HW) + Software (SW)

August 2022

Seed round

Seed round for ecosystem funds and top VCs + Engineering HW and SW

September 2022

Strategic round

Strategic round from influencers, VCs and bigger pool groups + Alpha Release Prototype HW and SW 

October / November 2022

Private sale round

Presale round from pool groups + Beta Launch (public trial use) + HW presale open 

November / December 2022

Ongoing Hardware Presale

November / December 2022

IEO & IDO Token Sales

IDOs on launchpads / IEOs on CEX + Public launch

January / February 2023

Shipping Node GW to consumers

February 2023

Shipping HW, Data Sales & Start Marketing

Shipping Data Miner HW to consumers, first data sales to utilities and service providers on DEX, start marketing campaigns in USA + Europe + China


Expand in Main Markets & Ecosystem Development

Expand in USA, Europe, and China before growing more elsewhere + NZT Ecosystem development incl. NFT and data marketplace


Global Expansion 

Also target growing outside our key regions (USA, Europe & China) and develop growth in other regions in the world to create global coverage


Full Hardware Coverage Key Regions

Full coverage with our hardware units in our key regions USA, Europe and China


465,000 km Coverage with 12M+ Data Miners and 1M+ Nodes

465,000km coverage with 12M+ data miners and 1M+ Nodes hardware units. Ccompare this to the Helium network 700,000 gateway miners sold in approximately <2 years)



We are looking for partners that can help further develop our ecosystem. Please contact us by sending us an email:

NZTwork – Net Zero Token Network

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